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Why we are here...

Consider this. On an average an Indian or Asian grocery store in North America spends $800 a month on marketing with low return on investment. As a store owner you offer deals to increase sales and attract more customers. However, the chances of a good number of customers knowing about your store, your deals and queuing up are not guaranteed with traditional ways of advertising. At Grocer Deals, we are here to change the game for you - from pushing promotional material to pulling customers to the store.

What we do...

Our mobile and web app give you the power to pull customers to your store. How? By 'directly' taking your store to the customers through the modern medium they use to stay in touch. Through our app, you will be able to instantly and constantly reach a large number of customers beyond your neighborhood as well as the right customers; keep them informed of all your daily/weekly/special deals; and serve them better. That's 'smarter, better, faster business at minimal cost' with Grocer Deals.

What will customers get...

Grocer Deals is a free, innovative app - available on different devices and platforms - that makes shopping for Asian/Indian groceries fun, fast, exciting and cost saving as well as rewarding. How? By providing ready info about all daily/weekly/special deals in Asian/Indian grocery stores across North America. Features include: (a) an easy and powerful search (b) ability to create wish lists, receive alerts when deals are available on favorite items, reserve items for a later pick up, and get nutrition info, (c) look out for deals and stores based on current location, and most importantly (d) get rewards and gifts.

What does it mean for you...

By registering your store with Grocer Deals you will: (a) publish all your daily/weekly/special deals online for easy reach of a wide customer base (b) establish a 'direct' connect with customers in a medium that is today's customers' choice (c) promote your store and attract more customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing (d) know your customers better and serve them better. Quite simply... better reach, more footfalls, higher visibility, more revenues, and lower cost - more bang for your buck!

Let's get to the details

What will you get when you register with Grocer Deals?